Secure Management of Assets

With the deployment of highly secured server-side APIs, you can monitor, control and deliver your IoT entities in an efficient way. What’s more, outlining relations between your assets, devices, clients or other entities is easier than ever before.


Data Collection & Visualization

Telemetry data is stored and collected in a scalable and flawless manner. Furthermore, data is envisaged using built-in or custom widgets on the dashboard which is then shared with your audience successfully.


Process and React

Data processing is described using decision trees for stabilizing and renovating your device data. Moreover, it raises warnings for issues such as device inactivity, attribute updates, incoming telemetry events and actions performed by users.



You can assemble iThings cluster to avail new microservices architecture with utmost scalability and fault-tolerant features. Besides, it also endorses on-premises and cloud deployments.